Day One – Beginning

June 13, 2008 at 5:15 am (Uncategorized) ()

      I am a blog addict.  I can spend hours browsing, lurking, reading blogs.  Any blogs.  Mostly mommy blogs or Cystic Fibrosis related blogs, because those words are a big part of my life.  But, really, I could  stumble upon the  blog of a Fly-fisherman in Idaho and be hooked for half an hour.  I love blogs.

     I love to write.  There was a point  in my life  when  I really thought that I would be a writer.  I planned to use my maiden name when  I got published.  I love words.  I love knowing what words mean, playing  with words to  find the  best one. 

    I have  long wanted to  start a blog.   I have played around  with  writing some entries in a blog on a CF site, but that’s just writing – no bling.  I don’t write regularly.  Sometimes  I find it frustrating to  “Craft” an  entry because I agonize over the right word.  Or, I just can’t start.  I’m not tech-savvy.  Point and click are about the extent of my skills, but I’m learning.  I love my digital camera, and I want to have a place to post my pictures.  I want to start a blog.

    So, this is my experiment.  For the next sixty-two days, I will blog.  Every day.  I will document my summer with my daughters, and I hope to do a little “structured” writing, too.  I want  to experiment with design and pictures, and links and….everything.  I want to know  if I can make blogging work in my life.  Can I even figure it out?  I’d love to start a blog  in my classroom when  school starts again in August, so this is the training ground for that.

     I won’t  be telling anyone about my blog.  Not that  it’s private.  I do hope that I acquire a commenter or  two, although I must admit that I’m not even sure how that would happen if I don’t tell anyone that the blog exists.  The  reason I won’t  be telling anyone is, well, I guess I’m not  sure.  Maybe I’m a little doubtful that I can make this work.  Maybe  I want to take baby steps toward a more  public blog.  In any case, if you’ve found  me, WELCOME!  But, be warned, this is likely to be a lonely  little place.

     Oh, and if you are wondering why  “Sixty-two Days?”  That is the length of our summer.  My classroom is  packed.  Today will be the girls’ last day at daycare.  Sixty- two days from  now, they will return and I will unpack.  In between?  Well, stay tuned for the  story!


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