Day Two – Already Bending the Rules

June 14, 2008 at 12:31 pm (writing) (, )

     Here it is, technically the second day of my “experiment” and I’m already bending the rules.  I had intended to post an entry every day for each of the 62 days that the girls and I will be home together.  The first post was posted just after midnight in the wee early morning hours of June 13.  This, the second, is being posted at 7:30 ish, am on the morning of June 14th.  Technically, I am off to a good start with posting every day.  Does it matter that there are more than 24 hours between posts?  I mean, to me, it was still June  12th when  wrote the first one, since   hadn’t slept.  (ETA:  I just now realized that  I hadn’t changed the time zone, so the post times for my first entries are way off…this  will be corrected)

     I know, it doesn’t matter.  This blogis for me and I can do withit what  I please.  But, this is a pretty good indicator of what happens when I “set my mind” to  something.  I am really quick to adapt the plan to suit my needs.   That’s  one reason that working in a corporate setting didn’t  work for me.  Going with the flow is a benefit in teaching, but not so  much when there’s a boss wanting  a strict deadline to  be kept.

     It’s also  pretty enlightening for me to learn that there  was NO  WAY I  was going to get a blog entry written during daytime hours yesterday.  When was I thinking I would write?  How do the millions of mommy-bloggers do it?  Do they all have nannies to make the meals and snacks, clean up spills, change diapers play with the kids and clean up again? 

     The day was  packed.  And, when Em finally napped, Iz and I logged in her new Webkinz.  There went the computer for the next several hours!  Then, it was time to start dinner, do Em’s treatments, go for a family walk, visit with neighbors put the kids to bed…  I told myself at 9:30 that I’d be  blogging by 10:00.  At 9:45 there came a knock on the door.  Our beloved  neighbors are returning to the  Netherlands.  Last night was their last  night here as a family.  We had a little send off for the kids during the day, yesterday, and now the parents wanted  one last driveway drink before they leave.  So, out came the lawn  chair and beer.  No blogging.  Not before midnight, any way. 

Uhhhh.  There will  be many more days like that.  Perhaps I’ll get good at stealing  moments to blog.  Or, maybe I’ll declare a “THIS IS  MOM”S TIME ON THE COMPUTER…GO WATCH DORA WITH YOUR SISTER” zone each day.  Whatever.  I  guess the point is not to have a rule, just to get blogging.  Still, my original idea to blog each day for 62 days, hence the name of the blog was a cool one.  I’d hate to have the headings say, day One…Day Two…Day Seven.  That would but the crap out  of me.  So, We’ll see.

I’ve got a lot of things I want to blog about.  Got to find a way to make this work.



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