Day Four – Getting Organized

June 16, 2008 at 8:32 am (Uncategorized)

     Bending  the rules again!  I  went all of the daytime hours yesterday without blogging, or even logging on the the computer!  I’m afraid that’s how the days will go.  Blogging will be done late or early in the morning.  No leisurely afternoons with an iced tea and the  laptop on the deck for me!  But, I think I can manage, with some organization during the day, to have some  time each night to write.  It’s  a goal anyway.

     And, now, about that  “organization”.  *Sigh* 

     Unfortunately, I am  not, by nature, a very organized person.  Not externally, at least.  Internally, I am a pretty structured and convergent thinker.  Pretty logical.  I always have a plan of what I”m going  to  go first, next and  last.  In my head, there’s a place for everything and everything is in its’ place.  Not so much in  my house.  Or my classroom. Or, my car.

     I’m a pile maker.  I’m  a leave things  out until you need  them again type.  I’m a spend 5 minutes hunting for it rather than 30 seconds putting it away girl.   Don’t  get me wrong.  I’m NOT a crazy cat-woman with piles of newspapers all over, or boxes on every chair.  But, it’s not unusual on a Wednesday to  see the laundry that  was washed,  dried, and folded on Sunday still on the couch or living room floor.  And every non-essential surface in the kitchen is frequently covered with piles of paperwork, the girls’ artwork,  my school stuff and mail.  Closets…ummmmm…I’m glad  they have  doors.  Under the sinks?  Don’t ask. 

     I LOVE to be organized.  I LOVE how  it feels when my beautiful house looks new again.  I LOVE how I  feel about myself when I manage to get it “right” and put things away.  I  just  never seem to  get  there.

     So, in an effort to FEEL REALLY GOOD this summer, I’m on a mission  to get on top of the things that I don’t, naturally, do well.  Yesterday, I took a break from Father’s  Day festivities  (oh, there were supposed to be festivities?  Not a gift wrapped in its Wal-Mart bag??) to start making lists and charts.  We have a list of jobs that  need to get done  this  summer.  As large as a  bedroom makeover and as small as organizing the cupboard where the plastic food containers are  kept.  There is a daily cleaning schedule.  No more weekends spent doing laundry AND vacuuming AND dusting AND cleaning the girls’ rooms AND attacking the clutter piles.  For the summer I’ll focus on one or two jobs a day.  There’s a weekly list of tip priority jobs.  This week’s list is pretty big, but it’s stuff that HAS to be done.  I’ll be making a calendar for the kids activities and  the fun things we want to be sure to  get  in this summer.   I’ll be doing meal planning a week at a time so I actually know what I need at the grocery story and can cut down on those expensive trips  for "One or two" things.  (It’s  always a full cart, even if I only need potatoes and vinegar).

     It was frustrating to not be able to organize  all of my organizational tools yesterday. That just might be a sign that I’m going a little overboard .  But, I have a plan for the day and the week, and that’s a good start.


     OH!  andI can’t forget to  mention…this afternoon my co-teacher for next y ear will be coming over so we can start planning for the school year!  She has  been  teaching first grade but will be moving to second grade w ithme.  We are going to dive in to totally thematic teaching.  Or, at least we’re going  to wade around in it and decide if it’s safe to swim.  I’m so excited to teach with her.  She’s younger than I am, and very enthusiastic with awesome ideas.  We work well together and I  know  we’ll have fun.  I haven’t had a  close relationship with  my teaching partners in the past, but I  know  I can with Val.  And,  that in itself is  going ot hlepbe stay more  organized at school.  It’s harder to "wing it" when you are sharing lesson plannig time wiht someone.   Today w e are going to lay out the year, t heme wise and decide how we what to proceed wiht the plannign. I have some ideas, and I know she does too.  I’m looking  forward to getting tis part  of my life in shape a bit more too. 

     If things go as planned,  I’ll be back before midnight to write some more.  I am anxious to wrtie about each of my girls.  They are supposed to  be the focus of this blog, and I haven’t introduced them yet. 

Now, where  did Iput all those  lists I made…?



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  1. Carla said,

    Hey, I am just catching up on you blog – and this entry sounds JUST like me. I have this HUGE list of to-dos for the summer, and I don’t know if I’ll get to any of them. My place is just a huge mess right now.

    Can’t wait to read the rest of how your summer is going so far!


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