Day Five – Ten Things about Isabelle

June 17, 2008 at 5:29 pm (corners of my heart) ()

Always posing...and so cute!


1. Iz (as I refer to her here) is Isabelle Anne

2.  She is 5 and a half, birthday 11/6/02

3.  She LOVES to read.  She began reading on her own over a year ago, and by age 3 had a pretty good sight word vocabulary.

4.  She takes ballet, and surprisingly, does pretty well.  Surprisingly, I say, because she frequently h as trouble walking across the  room with out stepping on something or  falling down or bumping into someone.  Put  her  in tights and a leotard, though, and she is all Grace and Form!

5.  Without prompting, she has been practicing her ballet every day.  She goes through the positions anytime she’s standing somewhere.  It’s adorable.

6.  She has been taking piano lessons (at her request) for a year, and she is VERY good.  It blows me away.  I cried the first time  I realized that she now knew more about playing the piano and reading music than I did.  Her piano teacher has never taken a student this young, but says frequently that Isabelle does as well as the older kids.

7.  She LOVES school.  She just completed 4-year-old kindergarten.  She has asked to do “summer school” at home this summer.  We spend about half an hour every day working on printing, math, writing, reading…she eats  it  up (and it’s  rubbing off o n her little sister – YAY!)

8.  She has a problem with whining.  It is, by far, her greatest fault. I don’t have any other 5 year olds to compare her to, so I’m not sure if this is just  the age, or if its her personality.  Probably both.  But, there are times when  I could scream at the sound of that whiny voice.  She does, at times, really try to control it, and her teachers at school and daycare don’t mention that it’s a problem there.  In fact, I usually get “Really?” when I mention it to them…

9.  She is, most of the time, a phenomonal big sister.  She loves Emily like no one else.  Of course there are the sister issues – button pushing, and  what -not.  But, in all fairness, Emily usually starts it, and if I were Isabelle I’d get ticked off sometimes too!  Most of the time, thought, Isabelle is so kind and patient with her little sister.  She loves to teach Emily new things and will willingly play what Emily wants to play.  I love to listen to them playing  together.  Isabelle is very aware and knowledgeable about Emily’s CF.  She did her own fundraising for our Great Strides walk this year, and melted people’s hearts telling them about Emily and  CF.  I wish I had a sister like her.

10.  I know her in and out.  I know what she’s thinking and I  feel  every heartache she has.  She is a carbon copy of me, emotionally.  I will never understand Emily the way I understand my first-born.  I dread the  years when  being too much alike is a detriment.  I have no desire to be the object of  her hatred or her disdain, and I know it’s coming.  I am  in awe of her  most of the time.  And a bit amazed when I realize that this must be what it was like for my mother to raise me.  Isabelle is the one who taught me to me a mom.

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