Day Six – Routines

June 18, 2008 at 11:17 pm (daily life) (, )

     While it’s only really our third day of our new routine (weekends don’t count) we seem to  have settled into it pretty well.  We’ve been  up and at ’em at a very respectable time with Em’s treatments done by 8:30.  Last summer there were days when  I didn’t get her into  her vest until 11:00! 

     We’ve followed Em’s “PT” with Summer School every day this week.  This is pretty much Iz’s invention.  All her neighborhood friends are going to summer school for “enrichment” classes but she’s  not old enough yet.  So, in the  mornings while  they’re gone, she thought it might be fun to do some  “summer school” at  home. 

     All three of us sit at the  table with books, crayons, markers…the  works.  I picked up a bunch  of Dollar Store workbooks for each of the girls.  They’re the  fun kind with Disney characters, and  both girls LOVE  them.  Isabelle has been working very diligently at her printing, which  is  her weak point.  She knows WAY more about math than I  realized, and  she’s  loving every minute  that we spend in Summer school.

     Emily does surprisingly well (so far) too!  She has a Winnie the Pooh workbook about colors and  shapes and today, after I helped her with  one page, she did another ALL BY HERSELF!  She was able to draw lines to  connect objects of the  same color.  It blew me away,  I had no idea she could control a marker well enough to draw a straight line.  SOOO cool.

   We are also doing a little research project.  Iz chose to learn about insects.  So, we got every insect book our little  library had to offer, we thought of some things we want to learn, and  we’ve been writing  down facts as we learn about them.  Next week we’re  going  on a bug hunt, and we’re going  to make a butterfly lifecycle  with  things we find around the house. 

    I also have planned some type of activity for each day.  Either we leave the house and go do something, or we do a craft, or we play a game all three of  us can do.  Today we baked cupcakes to share with the neighbors.

     The structure of the day really cuts down on the whining and the fighting between the girls.  And, it helps me  to stay focused on the things I want to get done, too.

Speaking of things I want to get  done…My list system is going strong (after 3 days!…)  I have completed my daily cleaning jobs each day, I’ve blogged each day, I’ve crossed a few things  off the “Summer Jobs” list…AND  (a drumroll might  be appropriate   here…) I”ve been to the gym TWICE!

I’m feeling pretty good about the way the summer is shaping  up.  Too bad there are only 56 days to go!


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