Day Seven – Thankful Thursday?

June 19, 2008 at 11:26 pm (daily life) (, , )

I had  intended to  sit down tonight and make a  Thankful Thrusday list.  Or, possibly  a post about Em.  But, now, as I finally sit down for the first time since  lunch, I’m finding it hard to focus  on either one.

Let’s  just say today, tonight in particular was not our best day.  I think the  girls  have both realized that this  new routine is  here to  stay, for  a while, anyway, and  we are  feeling the adjustment pains.

Emily is …STILL UP!  She  has NEVER done this  before.  She just will not give  in to sleep.  I’m sure its  because her  naps have been messed up.  We are running around town or  out playing after lunch until 1:30 or  so most days, so it’s after that  when she goes down for a nap.  She’s rarely actually asleep before 2:00, so she  wants  to sleep until 4:00  or 4:30.  I know how  much she  needs her sleep so I  don’t have  the heart to wake her  earlier…but then she doesn’t want to sleep at bedtime, then she can’t  wake up in the morning…vicious cycle in  motion.

Tonight, after I put her  in  her bed she cried so hard she  threw up.  So, here she is, at 11:00, bathed, clean sheets on her bed, wide awake.  No sign of sleepiness, unless you count Daddy who is snoring  on the  couch next to her.

Now, it will  be midnight before her 8 hour feed is hooked up, so I won’t be able to get her  up until 8:00 tomorrow morning, and  if  she  does  wake, she’ll miss out on a part of  the feed…either way, it will  push  her treatment time back, and  I won’t get to the gym at the time  I wanted to, so we’ll go later which means nap will be late…yup, we are all about the vicious cycles tonight.

Isabelle had a  rough night, too.  We had a neighbor boy here  for a few hours.  I got a bean bag toss game out to amuse them.  He, being very athletic, loved  it and quicky figured out how to  toss the bean bags to get thiem through the holes.  Well, she couldn’t get it.  Of course, she only tried 3 times before melting down.  And I mean MELTING DOWN.  It was a ridiculously large display of frustration and self-doubt with some whining and screaming and kicking  thrown  in. 

This is something about her that probably should have been  on the ten things about her list in a previous  post.  She is NOT good at sticking with things that  don’t come easily to  her.  Kind of like her  mom, really, which, I  think, is why it bothers me so much when she has these types  of tantrums.

She is so  accustomed  to things being easy that she really can  not function when she has to give a little  extra effort.  It happens mostly in Physical things…sports, games…we had a similar meltdown over the monkey bars a few days ago.

Anyway, she had a very rough time getting over her disappointment that she couldn’t play the game like her friend.  It was ugly.  And exhausting.


So, tonight, I’m tired.  These are the days that make me understand why I’m not a SAHM year round.  My kids and I wouldn’t  like each other very much if I were.  Tomorrow will be better.  I may jsut skip Emily’s nap and try to get  her to bed earlier so we can reestablish her  bed time.  We’ll  see.  I hope she gives up soon.  Mommy needs to sleep!  I’ll be thankful when  I’m asleep.

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