Day Nine – Barely, again.

June 21, 2008 at 11:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Here  it is, on the opposite end of the day.  There’s not much left of this longest day of the year.

Our block party was today/tonight.  It’s  really a sub-division party.  This was the third annual party.  It’s always  fun to  meet some  of the new people  who  have  moved  in since last year.  We  are a “young” neighborhood in every sense  of  the word.  The subdivision itself is only four years old.  And, there is an astounding  number of kids here.  What’s  more, the  majority of kids are  under age 7!

Both of my girls have friends in the  neighborhood that they go to daycare with, and of course, Isabelle has tons  of  school friends.  There  is almost always  someone to play with.  It will be two years since the  day we  move in on July 1.  It was one of  the best things we could have  done  for our family.

Uuuugh.  There are other  things I’d like to  write, but  I am  beyond  tired.  So,  this will b e all for day 9.  Look for  more tomorrow!


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