Day Ten – Blah

June 22, 2008 at 11:05 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m just tired today.  TIred and unmotivated  and irritated with myself that I wasn’t  more productive today.  It’s been a blah day.  Blah weather, Blah food, Blah feeling all around. 

I’m  sure it has something to do with the fact that I slept in really late.  We all did.  Even  Daddy.  But, when I  finally rolled out of be, I couldn’t  get moving.  I couldn’t get  “woken up.”  j

I”m irritated that my house, which looked great –  all picked up and organized  – all week, now has piles of clutter and baskets full of laundry all over again.  I had a sneaking suspicion that the  clutter has something to do with Daddy who was home all day the last two days…but, when I inspect the  piles, it’s my stuff.  Humph.

Well, there’s always tomorrow.   I can get back on track.  I just have to do it, that’s all.

The girls  seemed pretty blah today, too.   Isabelle was invited to a  friend’s house to  play, and she went, but  didn’t seem as  excited as I thought she would.  Emily had no appetite, which is a change from the last few days.

Maybe we just needed a down day.  Tomorrow is Zoo Class for  both girls.  It  will be Emily’s first zoo class, and I”m a little nervous  about how she’ll behave.  I told her that we would be listenig to a story, doing some art projects, having a snack, singing some  songs…and that we’d have to  listen to  the teacher just like at Daycare.  Her response?  “I think  I probably don’t  want to listen, actually.”  *sigh*

I’ll hope for the best and keep reminding myself that she’s  2.  I’ll update  tomorrow.

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