Day Fifteen – Future Scientists Wear Pink

June 27, 2008 at 11:36 pm (daily life) (, , , , )

Today we finally went on our bug hunt!  Isabelle and I  have been reading bookd about insects and  arachnids, making lists  of facts that we are learning, and doing  some fun :bug” art projects.  It’s  been fun to learn together, and of course, Emily is right there for  it all, so she’s picking up  some new vocabulary, too.  So, today, we went  looking for bugs to study with our hand lenses.  I gave each girl a bug box from the dollar store.   Each one came with a little net, a hand lens and a tweezers.  It took us  a while, but we found a couple  of good bugs for each box.

It was  fun  to see how each of the  girls could observe the insects and nature while we were  on our adventure.  Isabelle quickly realized that it was easier to catch things  close to the ground so  she started pulling weeds back and  looking underneath.  Emily was all about how fast the  bugs could move, and the different ways  they move.  Surprisingly, neither one of them  was  squeamish  about trying to catch  them. Surprisingly, neither was I. 

On the way back home we stopped at our neighbor’s house to check out the tadpoles frogs that her boys caught last week.   We had read about insect life cycles, so seeing these teeny tiny frogs that  had  once been tadpoles helped  us make a great connection.  I just love  this picture  of Emily studying the frogs so  intently.

Somehow,  she looks so grownup!  She commented, “They jump with them teeny tiny little  legs!”

Our other brush with  nature today was a bird that got stuck in our garage.  It was  just a baby robin and it  couldn’t find it’s way out.  I tried  to  shoo it out but decided  that it  might be a better job for daddy.  A very protective mama bird hovered near the garage door all afternoon which made it tough to be outside. 

In other news – I FINALLY started cleaning out my bedroom closet, a job that’s  been on  my list every  day this  summer and just hasn’t been accomplished.  I have more to do, but I made some excellent progress.  It feels good to have started.  I tried  to work out, again, tonight.  Like Wednesday, my workout was cut short.  The gym closes at 8:00 (I thought it was 9:00) so I  only got in about 40 minutes.  Better than nothing, I guess, but I was annoyed.   I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I miss it  when I don’t go.  Maybe that means I’ll be able  to stick with  it!


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