Day Eighteen – New Friends

June 30, 2008 at 10:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Tonight, for the first  time ever, every lot on our cul-de-sac has a house on it and every home has a family living  in it.  We met not one, but TWO sets  of new  neighbors today!  One family moved in directly across the cul de sac from  us, and the other moved  in two days ago, two doors down.  Lots of  new faces and names to remember.

I mentioned in a previous post that our very good friends and dear  neighbors moved back to  thier home in The Netherlands.  We all miss them, but the pain was lessened a bit today as we met the family who bought their  house.  This  family has a 5-year old  girl, and 3 year old girl and a one month  old boy.  Isabelle and  our 5 year old neighbor Maddie were pretty excited to  meet the  girls.  They played together outside all afternoon, which  I’m sure was a nice break for the girls’ mom.  I was pretty proud of Isabelle, actually.  She introduced her new friend to other kids as they wandered in and out of our yard, brought her  new friends in to show them where the bathrooms are, “just in case”… I think they’ll get along…well, as well as 5 year old girls can, which means there will be some bickering and tears and bossing around, but mostly good times.

With the  addition of this 5 year old, there will now be 9 children  in kindergarten from this subdivision at our elementary school.  We’re not a huge subdivision, and our school is not large, so this is kind  of amazing!  We’ve go sooooo  many kids in the subdivision now.  We had  five babies born  since  the end of of May – all girls, and the two families  who moved in today also have babies.  It will make for fun summers for years to come!



THe  only other thing worth noting today, really, is that I realized for the first time  how many letters  Emily can name correctly.  I knew that  she knew a  few, but during our “summer school”  session today I pulled out some flashcards for her to play with…she got 12 letters right!  I was very surprised!  I’ve never worked  on this with her, but I  suppose she picked  it up at daycare, or from Dora or Superwhy.   She  was pretty cute, too, after supper.  She decided that  she  wanted to “Do my summer school” again, and went ahead and got out her puzzles and activity books.  She sat at the table for a good  half hour, happy as a clam to be working on her “big girl” work.  Gotta  love that kid.  Oh, yeah, I almost  forgot.  Tonight when she wanted me to go and get something that  I  told her to get for herself she looked at me and said, “No.  You get it.  Come  on mom – vamanos!”  Bad enough she bosses me around. Does she have to do  it in Spanish?

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