Day Nineteen – Pool Party (Blues)

July 1, 2008 at 11:33 pm (Uncategorized)

It must officially be summer.  It was finally warm enough – sort  of – to get in the water.  Daddy picked  up a  kiddie pool on sale and  set it up last night.  So, we invited some friends over to help break it in.

The temperatures probably hit 85 or 86 today, for the first  time  this summer.   But, the  water was chilly!  And, there was a good, stiff breeze that made it feel much cooler than it was, if  you  were wet.  Most of the kids took a dip (who  can  resist?) and  then moved on to other things, namely a MONSTER game of  Hide and Seek.  But, not  Emily.  She stayed in until she was prueny and turning  blue.  We kept asking her  to  come  out, but she refused.  Through her shivering lips  she kept saying “I’m not cold!”  She really had fun, especially when another little girl her age was in.  They chatted up a storm.  Or maybe that was just their teeth chattering.

Now, the  problem is that prime pool time  is also prime  nap time.  I have learned this Summer not to skip Emily’s nap frequently.  When she doesn’ t nap, she gets ornery.  She bites, pulls hair, throws fits and refuses to eat.  The first three are unpleasant, the  fourth is dangerous.  I can’t have  her skipping  meals.  But, if we’re in the  pool, or at a playdate, or at the library, park, zoo…where ever, we can’t always wrap things up in time for her scheduled nap.  Today, I put  her down for a rest as soon as we got out of the pool.  She certainly didn’t fight it, but, it w as later than usual.  She  woke  at  her usual time, maybe a little later (by then I had left to  take Isabelle to dance class and Daddy got her up).   But tonight she’s not tired, or at least she’s not going  to  sleep!  That’s right, once  again, she is awake as I”m blogging.  Uuuuugggggh.  I spent an  hour trying every trick  I  know.  My frustration level is through the roof right now. 

Finally, in  desperation  I put her  on the couch and  put on a Dora.   It’s  not good parenting, and I hate that I  resorted to it.  But, between Daddy’s snoring (lound  enough for me to hear down stairs) the humidity and the last hour  I  spent in futility, I need a break.  So, when Dora says, “We did it!” and  the fiesta trio has played for the last time, I will  carry Emily to bed awake or  not.  And we’ll go from there.  Hopefully, she will be ready  for sleep and I will be able to keep my cool. 

So much  for the stress-releiving workout I enjoyed tonight!

Look out waves!  Here she comes!   Ready to body board across the pool!

How many kids can a kiddie pool hold?


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