Day Twenty-Two – Holiday Fun

July 4, 2008 at 11:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Busy day + messy house = tired mom!


We had a nice Fourth  of  July, though.  I remember as a kid the 4th always  made me sad.  It meant summer was half  over.  THe fireworks  never lasted long enough.  There was never a perfect picnic in the park.  I don’t know why, but  I  had high expectations for this day.

This year pretty much lived up to them.  We had a long, lazy morning, then went to our  small-town parade with  two neighbor families at 2:00.  It was really a rinky-dink little  parade, but  long enough  for the kids.

Then it was home for a lazy late afternoon.  Daddy worked  outside on the deck, mom played with the girls, checked for updates on Gina who got her new lungs yesterday, and generally wasted time.  Felt good, though.

After  dinner, we walked to a neighbor’s house to enjoy the evening with them and a few other neighbors.  There was plenty to drink, lots of kids for  the girls to play with, and quite an  impressive cache  of fireworks!  I  had thought Emily would not do well with  the noise, but we kept her on a swingset, pretty far away  from the  action, mainly due to smoke.   From her perch on the swingset she clapped and shouted for more!

We  stayed out past 10 and Em was still wide awake and raring to go.  But, she’s sleeping now, and  so is her sister.  I’ll be joining them soon.


Happy 4th!!!


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