Day Twenty-three – More Holiday Fun

July 6, 2008 at 7:43 pm (daily life)

I  missed blogging on Saturday, completely!  I didn’t write,  I  didn’t read (except for checking in  on Gina, aka Pepe).  So, here’s a quick recap of yesterday.

Daddy  has projects in process so in the morning I held down the fort and  he bustled around using various power tools and shouting various expletives.  (I added that last bit for dramatic detail…he actually kept his expletives to  himself this time.) 

I was also  busy making some treats and salads to share at our July 5th celebration with my extended family.  I had some help with some of this.  Isabelle had found a picture of a flag cake in a magazine that she wanted to  make  in the worst way.  I’m not a cake eater, so I wasn’t thrilled, but she really, really wanted to make it.  So the three of us whipped up a white cake, some home-made frosting, and produced a pretty cute little cake.

The photo in the magazine was a round layer cake, but I know from experience that I am never happy with the results when I try to make layer cakes.  The layers are not even and the cake comes out lopsided.  So, when Isabelle said, “we should make it a rectangle like a real flag” I didn’t argue.

I’ve been trying to let the girls help in the kitchen as much as possible.  I think it may have backfired.  Emily feels very, very confident in the  kitchen now, and without waiting to be told, she cracked an egg, added some vegetable oil pouring the rest on the counter) and mixed it up.  *sigh*  Oh, and she also got a feel for shortening…all over her hands and arms.  Messy, messy, messy.  Almost  worth it when, a few hours later, she told Grandpa, “I maked that cake with my sister and my mommy!”

We also made a “repeat performance” of our S’mores Drops  that we had made on the 4th.  Golden Grahams cereal and marshmallows covered in chocolate.  Easy to make and fun to eat!  Oh, and I made a spinach and strawberry salad with  raspberry vinaigrette, but no one  got very excited about that!

So, the family event for the  evening was actually pretty fun.  I say actually because there are times when  we are with my family and I  can’t wait to get home.  But, this  time was o.k.  My brothers had invested heavily in some pretty impressive fireworks, and, of course, Daddy hit the 60% off sale at the fireworks tent here in town before  we left, so there were lots of bangs, pops, crackles, and  pretty , pretty lights.

I  don’t know what it was about watching those middle aged “boys” and their exploding toys.  They just enjoyed themselves so much.  I don’t get to see my  husband interacting with my brothers much.  They are very different people, and at  times I think they live  in very different worlds from each other. I guess maybe pyromania is the common denominator.  The three of them bending over the launch pad thing, craning their necks to see the  effects of their work, smiling and nodding at each other in admiration…it just made me smile.

It  was a late night.   We got home after midnight, so we all slept in late  today.  I’ve been glum all day, and I”ll blog today’s entry about that later…

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