Day Twenty-five – Monday Blahs

July 8, 2008 at 11:54 pm (daily life)

Yes, yes it is Tuesday, nearly Wednesday and I’m blogging about Monday.  That’s how life has been lately.  I can’t  quite  shake the *blech* feeling I had on Sunday, although it’s lifting a little tonight. 

Apparently, 23 days is about as long as I can stay in a routine of any kind.  I’m feeling like all the structure I set up for myself – the cleaning schedule, the meal prep schedule, the girls’ schedule, working out schedule…it’s all falling apart and  I’m struggling to pick up the pieces and put it together.  I’ve had no motivation and have started to have the “Just sit here and watch TV for a while…what can it hurt?  Have a snack.  Ohhhhh those chips sound good…” thoughts.  I’ve had the “Don’t do that until tomorrow” disease, too.  But, I did force myself to clean the bathrooms, tonight, and do a decent tidying  of the kitchen, and I washed all the dishes (dishwasher is still broken…no one is coming to look at it until Thursday at the earliest) sterilized nebulizers and did two loads of laundry between the girls’ baths and sitting down to blog.  I will sweep and WetJet the floors before I go to bed.  That’s something, at least.

As for day 25…Zoo Class!  We had to drive through torrential downpours to get there, but we made it to Zoo Class!  Both girls have been asking when they got to go back to ZOO CLASS!  Isabelle, in particular, was excited because this time she got to be a Jr. Zookeeper.  Unfortunately, the rain and lightening kept them in the classroom and not out with the animals, but they did get to have some small animals in the room and learn how to care for them.  They did some very cute projects, too.  Emily and I were finishing  up our class while Isabelle’s was taking a bathroom break.  All the kids in her class had been given brown zoo-keeper shirts to wear for the class.  I wish I had gone ahead and snapped a picture.  I started to but got a dirty look from the teacher so I didn’t.   She was just so cute, though.

Em and I learned about piggies.  She did really well with the structure of the  class again, but she hates it when we do the Hello song.  When it is her turn to be sung to she hides her face and yells “NO!  Don’t sing!”  Embarrased, I guess, but it isn’t  very charming.  The rest of the time she was perfectly cooperative. She did something that surprised me, though.  There was a poster of a pig in the room.  It had the word “PIGS” on it.  She went up to it, touched each letter, said “P.I.G.S.  That spells Pig”  Then she wandered away.  No big deal.  She has seen her sister do this a thousand times in the grocery store or whereever, so she was really  just mimicing.  And the huge pig on the poster made it pretty easy to figure out what  the  word must be, but, still.  Pretty cool.

So, after zoo class and a few errands, we stopped for lunch at McDonald’s.  Again.  What the heck?  Both girls will eat it and it’s easy and yes, I am an over-indulgent American mom…but, don’t forget, my kid needs the calories.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I ordered both girls’ meals with apples, let them split the fries from my  snack wrap meal (the grilled not the crispy and only one, not two…) and ate the  apples myself.  Ok, I sneaked a fry or two. 

This McDonald’s has a “open” play area, so Emily actually gets to play,  I WILL NOT let her go in the disgusting clilmbing structure playgrounds that most McDOnald’s  have.  This means that we do not eat inside any McDonald’s that has one.  I’m not sure Emily even knows they exist.  Isabelle has played on them exactly three times in the last 2 1/2 years – two birthday parties and once when she and I ate breakfast at McDonald’s alone, after dance class, on my birthday – her treat.  Luckily, she has not commented on the lack of playing.  Those things are just so disgusting.  I  had to climb up after  Isabelle once.  SHe was about the age Emily is now, I was pregnant…it was ugly.  I actually had to climb up and help her get down.  It was hot and sticky in there, there were chunks of food everywhere, it smelled like dirty socks and urine.  Not what Emily needs, so we stick to this McDonalds or one with no play area if we’re eating in. 

Then, last night, I  had an opportunity to do some retail-therapy and bonding  with a good friend.  We called it “walking” so it technically could fall into the work out category.  I started to amass items for my bedroom makeover and we enjoyed a very thought-provoking discussion about raising smart daughters.  Really smart daughters.  Super-de-duper smart daughters.  (Sorry, that last  one was the Barney talking…he’s on ALOT in this house.)  I will, eventually, blog about some of the things  I find challenging about having a daughter  who is an “early learner” as she recently described herself.  It was wonderful to spend time with my friend last night.  We don’t get to connect often anymore, and I really needed it.  We spent the last hour or so of the evening in my car in her driveway, finishing up our conversation.  It was near midnight when I got home (I think) and I still had dishes  to do…so no blogging. 

If I want  to get this published before  time runs out on day 26…I’d better get cracking.  Guess I”m a day late and a dollar short as my Dad says.

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