Day Twenty-Six – Tuesday Tidbits

July 9, 2008 at 12:47 am (daily life)

It’s not really Day 26, anymore.  It’s  not Tuesday, anymore, either.  So this feels a little like “cheating.”  But, if I’m the one who made the rules, then I’m allowed to  break them.  Right?

I’ve seen “Tuesday  Tidbits” done on other blogs, along with “Wordless Wednesday,” “Thankful THursday” and I’m sue  there are  others taht  people use.   And, since Tuesday, Day twenty six was a pretty uneventful day, I thought I’d share a few little tidbits about our lives. They are  in no particular order, and probbly of no particular interest ot anyone, but here they are:

1.  Both the girls have November birthdays. 

2.  Their birthdays are only four days apart.

3.  Isabelle’s middle name, Anne, is shared by both of her  grandmothers and an aunt. 

4.  Emily’s  middle  name, Jayne, was the  last name  of the doctor who deliered her.  I had picked “Jane” about mid way through the labor, but, when  I noticed during the last contraction/push that the doctor’s last name (I was up close and personal with her name tag on her white coat at that  point, and she was the  on-call doc so I”d never met her before…) was spelled J a y n e, I decided to use that spelling.

5.  I can watch almost any reality TV show and get hooked in mere minutes.

6.  My favorite TV shows are: What Not to  Wear, Ace of Cakes,  Next Food Network  Star, ANYTHING (almost) on Discovery Health,  especially the mystery diagnosis shows, Bones and Flip that House.

7.  I have never been to Disneyworld or Disneyland, or EuroDisney or any part of the  Magic Kingdom, unless you count the  Disney Store.

8.  I have only been to  Europe once and have only visited 12 states.  I’ve been to  Canada once and  Mexico once.

9.  The older I get, the more I wish I could travel with my kids.

10.  The floor will not be  getting cleaned tonight like  I said in  the previous post…I’m going  to  bed!

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