Day Twenty-Nine – Plan B

July 12, 2008 at 12:40 am (daily life)


I had planned to pop off a nice short post with some pictures of our artistic endeavors from the last few days.  I thought I’d be able to get it  up before midnight.  Alas,  I have  just spent the last 25 minutes looking for the cable that connects the camera to the computer.  Realizing that I wasn’t going to find it in time I  started to search for the card reader that will also work…can’t find it, either.

I am sure that Emily walked off with the cable.  Lately, she picks up anything long and skinny and plays “doctorscope” with it.  She listens to our hearts and lungs and then declares “Your check up is over!  Do you want a sticker?”  I had three check ups today. One  of  them may have been conducted with my cable.  It’s probably stuck in one of the dress-up purses she uses for doctor bags.  *sigh*  Tomorrow  I  will begin the search again.  Or, maybe I  should make an appointment with Dr. Emmy.

 I think that I shall never correct her pronunciation of stethoscope because “doctorscope”  is just too cute.

So, instead, you’re going to get a quick list of:

Ten things  that  made me  🙂 today:

1.  Daddy had called to say he would be late.  I  didn’t start dinner when I would have.  Daddy got  home early and  asked, “Girls, what should  we order for dinner?”

2.  To Daddy’s  question, Isabelle replied, “Chinese?”  (I  LOVE  that girl!)

3.  I got three check ups from Dr. Emmy today.

4.  Isabelle had a great piano lesson.  She usually does, but things are getting tougher, and she had a melt-down this week  saying she wanted to give up because one exercise was hard.  In her lesson she struggled a bit, but her teacher praised her and said that she could tell we worked hard on it.  She was so proud!

5.  Emily asked, “Mommy, want  me to read you a story all by myself?” (I LOVE that girl!)

6.  I was asked  to be the “audience” for a play that Isabelle and our new neighbor (the same age) made up.  It was based on Swan Lake which they BOTH know!!!!   I think we have a new BFF here!

7.  We made super easy mini pizzas for lunch.  (I’d post a pic if I could.  Grrrr.  Mine was topped with basil and red onion.  Yum.

8.  I didn’t really want to, but  I went to the gym.  I was glad I did.  I’m amazed that it is almost an automatic thing  to go.  Wonder  how long this will last?

9.  There was a really cute guy at the gym.  He looks great doing pull ups on the bar that was right in front of my treadmill.  (Oh, don’t look at me that way.  !  I can look!  I couldn’t  avoid looking, really.  He was, like, RIGHT in front of my treadmill.)

10.  While  we were finger-painting today (I’d post a pic, if  I  could)  Isabelle announced that she  was going  to paint a landscape.  A few hours later Emily told her daddy that the picture she had painted was a “Lamb skate.”  Of course he said “It’s what?  A lamb skating?” Which made me smile even more.


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  1. Angela said,

    Hey, thanks for welcoming us to Wisconsin! We are excited to move there. I have read your blog a few times as well (from the link on Froggymama’s blog). Love it!

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