Day Thirty – Cookin’ in the Kitchen

July 13, 2008 at 11:42 pm (daily life)

I  spent most of Saturday afternoon in the kitchen preparing some  of my FAVORITE foods.   Daddy made the girls “disappear” outside with the  neighbor girls – apparently he supervised the  building of  a campsite with deck chairs and blankets and some scrap lumber  for a fire… so I was alone and had a BLAST in the  kitchen.

The  occasion was an informal little cookout that the three “old” familes on our cul-de-sac threw for the  three “new families.”  The plan was to  have burgers and brats, but  I have to tell you, I  am  SO tired  of burgers and brats, so I  said I  was going to spice things up a little bit.  My contributions (and I  do so wish I  had taken  pictures!!!) were honey-lime shrimp with cucumber avacado salsa, chili shrimp with a cool guacamole dipping sauce and a a huge platter of grilled vegetables (corn on the cob, red potatoes, pearl onions, red and  green peppers).  Oh, and a taco dip that Daddy requested because he wanted to  take the leftovers to the poker game later in the evening.

The grilled  veggie platter was something that I “envisioned” when we started  talking about what we were going to serve at the party.  I love my Pampered Chef dots pattern  platter that Daddy got me for my birthday last year,


(which looks like this, minus the barefoot butt baby, as Em would say.  And yes, I know it says do not copy…shhhhhh!)

and I could just see a huge pile of corn (cut into thirds) potatoes, etc. on it.  So, that was an improvised thing.  The cool thing is that I did the grilling myself!  That usually doesn’t happen.  But, I did it, and it all turned out great, I think.  The potatoes had a ranch seasoning, the corn had a chili-cilantro seasoning and the  onions were grilled in a butter sauce.  The flavors were there, but subtle, so the veggie taste came through.  And it just looked SO pretty -exactly as I’d “seen” it in my head.

I prepped all of my ingredients ahead of  time so when I was actually making the food, I was ready to roll.  Almost everything used the lime juice, the cilantro, the sea salt…so it was all prepped and ready – like a cooking  show, haha!

Anyway, I was loving the whole thing, especially the left-overs today!

Oh, I wish I  had taken a picture of the veggie platter!


Here is a  link to the website of the photographer  who took the photo above…  I wish  I had the means  to  travel to Illinois to  have her take pictures of the girls!

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  1. Beverly said,

    That’s priceless. You should send it in to the home office of the Pampered Chef. They’re always looking for new uses for the products.

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