Day Thirty-five – Sisters in Small Places

July 18, 2008 at 10:52 pm (daily life)

There’s been a lot of sisterly love around here the last few days.  Knock on wood, we seem to have turned a corner in the “pushing each other’s buttons”  phase and I am hearing far less complaining from one about the other.  Isabelle, in particular, has been  very kind to her sister lately, reading her stories, helping her get dressed and brush her teeth, offering to play games and do puzzles…I’m not sure what’s  going on, and I know for a fact that this will not last, but I intend to enjoy it while it lasts.  Here is  some photographic evidence of this trend…

I was in the shower when  Emily woke up, and I found Isabelle reading to her in her crib a few minutes later. 

This is how I found them watching TV when  I came downstairs after cleaning bathrooms.  Unfortunately, this adorable moment was made possible by

  dumping clean laundry on the floor!

And this is a “Sister Bath” that they both requested last night.

Isabelle rarely want to take a bath with Emily (she is all about the shower lately) and when I  asked her why she wanted to  she said  “Oh, mom, didn’t you know?  It’s  National Sister Appreciation Day!”  Honestly, that’s what she said!



  1. Tara said,

    I love it when the siblings “read” to one another! In our case they can’t actually read yet, but they go through piles of books “reading” to each other.

  2. Angela said,

    So cute! And I totally loved your last post about the swimming lessons. I also try to avoid mommy-in-a-bathing-suit classes as much as possible!

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