Day Thirty-Eight – I think

July 21, 2008 at 12:30 am (daily life)

For the entire day, Emily has been putting the words “I think” into pretty much every sentence she utters.  She has used them to  start sentences, end sentences and tossed them into the middle.  She has used different expressions to convey  different meanings.  She’s fixated on these two words.

Some examples:

I’d like to  go in the  pool now, I think.


Dad,  I think I’d like to watch Barney.


Mom:  Emily, we are eating.  Please come to the  table.

Emily:  Ummm.  I think not.


I think you should  ride on the train to  grandma’s house with me.


I suppose she just picked them up somewhere and is trying them out.  Or, maybe she’s been studying philosophy behind my  back and is delving deep into the world of existential being.  I’ll have to check under her mattress for a copy of “Descartes for Preschoolers.”

I won\’t worry until she starts chatting about Cartesian planes.


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  1. Elise said,

    I love that. Froggy likes to say “no thank you” even when I’m not asking her a question, but telling her to do something. Like, “It’s time for lunch.” Answer: No thank you.

    It’s hard to argue when they’re so darn polite.

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