Day Thirty-Seven – Doldrums

July 21, 2008 at 12:12 am (daily life)

It’s just been really, really blah around here the last few days.  I’ve missed two days of blogging, mostly because almost  nothing noteworthy has happened!  Yet, I feel compelled to have an entry for every day, because, well, because it’s that  kind of blog.

I  do believe I’ll start up another blog after post number 62 has been published.  Clearly the  write each and every day thing doesn’t work for me.  But this has been fun, and I’ve got some “ide-ers” for a non-summer blog, so I think I’ll give it a shot.  Needs a name, though.  Hmm.  Maybe I’ll do a de-lurking contest and have people suggest names for my new blog.  Of course, that  would work better if I  were  doing some kind  of give-away, and  this certainly ISN’T that kind of blog.

So, the only thing that happened on Saturday was my cousin’s baby shower.  Hot, sticky and annoying-as-expected, but  I’m glad we went because that was the only way my mom was going to get to go.  And, she loves anytime she  gets to be with my girls.  Oh!  And I got to be in charge of buying the gift from my mom my two SIL’s and me.  I say that like a little kid, because I usually am treated like a little kid when it comes to this type of thing.  It  is always just assumed that I  can not pick out a gift or shoulder the responsibility for purchasing one.  Most of my adult life I  have given  money to the person who bought the gift for our family.  I guess due to the utter apathy of my brothers’ wives and my mom’s failing health, I get to be gift-girl, now.

I was pretty darn impressed with my gifting abilities, if I do say so myself.  I had $120 bucks to spend, I I figured, why not have some fun.  I also wanted to get some of the things that no one buys you and you have to run out to get when you need them, because you had  no idea you would need them until you  needed them.  Know what I mean?  Like babyproofing stuff.  Door latches and outlet plugs.  No one buys that for you.  And, until the kid crawls you don’t  know you need it.

So, I got a big plastic bin (pink…cause it’s a girl) and filled it with stuff like that.  I decided to make it a “Baby’s First Year” box and get some small things to go with each month.  Newborn diapers for the first month.  A box of rice cereal for the 3rd month.   Baby food and bibs for the 5th.  Swim Diapers and  swimmig suit for next summer when the kid is 10 months old…stuff that no one else is gonna buy for them.  I wrapped each thing up and  put a little note on it with the month it represented, and a little description.  For example the outlet cover/door latch one said “The Eighth Month  She’s crawling!  Time to baby proof the house!”

This is the kind of gift I would have LOVED to get.  I think the effort was kind of wasted  on  the recipient.  She didn’t seem too overly excited, but, oh well.  Her kid’s got good stuff, and I got to have fun shopping with my sister-in-laws’ money!


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