Day Forty-two – Splash, Splash, Splash

July 27, 2008 at 11:58 pm (daily life)

Finally!  No more swimming lessons.  No more scrambling to get the girls fed, dressed and out the door on time only to  wait in line at the  pool.  No more packing the bag and checking three times to make sure I have adequate swim and regular diapers, Isabelle’s underwear, my underwear, everybody’s clothes for afterward…No more  chasing Emily around with the sunscreen bottle with her yelling “NO!   I  don’t want some sun scream!  NOOOOOOOO!”  when we are already about 5  minutes behind schedule.  No more squeezing in to a swimming suit and worrying what I look like…

Ah, but it wasn’t  all bad.   It really was great to see how Isabelle improved this year.  I love  that she loves the water, even if I do not.  And, it was fun to be in the water with Emily everyday, even if she never did do what the teacher told us to  do.  We tested out limits together and  we both got pretty comfortable with things.

By the way, after our last lesson  we stayed for open swim with our neighbors.  I  went to catch Isabelle and the neighbor girl as they came down the slide, and  Em stayed with  my neighbor.  I came back to her to find her floating, blowing bubbles, putting her head in, laying back in the water…all the stuff she wouldn’t do during lessons.  Is it  possible that she picked  up on my discomfort in lessons and  wouldn’t try this stuff?  Maybe, I guess, although  I didn’t hesitate with anything and I  certainly didn’t  feel like I was giving off a vibe.  I think it’s more likely that she  was just being Emily – stubborn with me and compliant  with others.  Oh well.  I  least I know she was paying attention during  lessons.

Here are some pool pics.  Some are during  lessons, but most are  from our “open swim” times.


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