Day Forty-five (part 2) – County Fair

July 28, 2008 at 12:10 am (daily life)

Growing up,  the county fair was a HUGE part of my summer.  From age 9 on, the fair meant exhibiting projects that I had worked hard on, then getting to play at the fair for a week. As a teenager, I worked at the  fair, sometimes spending an entire day on the fair grounds.  Even as a  young adult, I maintained my fair connections.  So, it’s hard for me to resist when the fair that’s held just a few miles from home sets up each summer.

I had hoped that we’d make a family day of it, but with Em and  Daddy not feeling  well, Isabelle and I set out  on  our own.  Ten minutes in, I realized what a good move that was.

OK, so my memories of the County Fair are apparently romanticized just a bit.  I don’t remember there being SO many smokers and just generallly scary people at the fair.  I never  really looked at how filthy and dust EVERYTHING is at the fair grounds.  And,  I  certainly never thought about how appealing the big kid rides would be to a two year old who going to ride them over mom’s  dead body.

Being on our own gae Isabelle and I a chance to do what ever SHE wanted to do.  She doesn’t get to do that all too often.  We ask her quite often to “compromise” with her siser.  And, frankly, it was just easy having one kid along.

I loved the one  on one  time.  We had a really good time.  And, I  learned a valuable lesson: I’m not as good at the twirly rides as I used to be.

Here are some pics.

This was taken while we were spinning around in a teacup.  Sorry, I can’t figure out  how to rotate the  picture.  Anyone?

In the Ferris Wheel car, ready to go.  She’s been talking about riding the Ferris Wheel again for a whole year!  I was surprised how nervous  I got when the  car stopped.  I was fine when we were moving, but when we stopped at the  top I could hardly keep from grabbing her to  keep her from falling.

The view  from the  top


I love this picture.

And, what’s a visit to the fair without a strawberry sundae the size of your head??


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  1. Bigbee said,

    You are a great Mom!

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