Day Forty-four – Birthday Party

July 28, 2008 at 12:05 am (daily life)

Happy 6th birthday, T!!!  T is our very good friend.  His parents are very good friends of Daddy’s and mine.  Isabelle and I were discussing T’s party, and she asked if his school friend would be there.  I explained to her that T. had a party with his school friends earlier in the day and the party we were going to was for family – his cousins and grandparents.  She looked at me quizzically and asked, “We’re family?”  And, in fact, it sometimes feels that way.  At least there are lots of times when I’d like to trade T’s mom and dad  for my own siblings and sib in laws.

The party had all the makings of a great time:  bounce house, slip ‘n slide, pizza, brownies and giant sun glasses and  presents.














So, happy birthday T.  And thanks for  inviting us  to celebrate with you.  It’s hard to belelive that six years  have passed since I held you against my tummy and let Isabelle kick you from the inside!.

  Oh, yeah.  If you  were looking closely, you may have  noticed that all of T’s cousins are girls.  This meant that his second party was him, and  7 girls.  He didnt’ seem to mind, though. T’s daddy and Daddy joked (I think) that he’ll be begging for this kind of party in about 12 years, bounce house and all.  Those boys  never grow up.



  1. Bigbee said,

    Loving your blog girlie! Too bad C-monkey was at the first party.

    🙂 Big Bee

  2. Bigbee said,

    Oh and by the way…. I feel the same way about taking on some normal, good times sib and sib-in-laws

    🙂 Big Bee

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