Day Forty-three – Wedding Belles

July 28, 2008 at 12:02 am (daily life)

Friday was the day for a wedding!  Miss Amanda is someone I have known since she was 6 weeks old and I was a teenager.  I was her first (and for a long time, her only) babysitter.  Her parents own the farm next door to my parents, and a good portion of the land on that road belongs to one family or the other.

I spent many, many afternoons and evenings taking care of Miss Amanda and her sister Katie.  By the time her brother and  sister came along I was in college and getting married, so I don’t know them as well, and, in all honestly, except for Christmas cards I haven’t had much contact with them at all for the last several years.

Amanda and Katie were both flower girls in my wedding.  They called me on my wedding anniversary for a few years, and send small gifts for special occasions.  They attended my baby shower.

Now, they have reached the age when they are getting married.  Amanda had a beautiful, country wedding in the small church her family has always attended.  She is hoping to find a teaching job this year or next.  She married a man who is a fourth grade teacher at the elementary school where her dad  has been the head custodian since he sold his cattle several years ago (side note, my dad, too, after selling off the stock became a janitor…must be the thing to do).  They are both athletic, they both coach, both like to  hunt and fish.  THey’ll have beautiful babies, and probably lots of them.

Katie is set to be wed in a mere ten months.

So, Daddy took a vacation day on Friday, and we attended the wedding of a girl who  I used to bottle feed and  diaper.  My own little girls were dressed to the nines (sorry, no pictures of them together in their beautiful dresses…what was I thinking???) and were very well behaved in church and at the dance.  It was a nice day of family togetherness, and I only felt a little bit old.

I wish I had a shot of the full dress, and the hat she wore with it.  She loves being dressed up!

*yawn* After a long night  of dancing and  charming the pants off of everybody, it’s good to have a Daddy with broad shoulders.

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