Day Forty-Six – Last Zoo Class

August 2, 2008 at 12:01 am (daily life)

I’m sad  to say that our zoo classes are over  for the  summer.  The  girls have both enjoyed them.  It’s been a nice chance to spend time  with Emily doing things we never get to do, just the  two of us.  I have  loved watching  her interact in  these sessions, too.  Today, she had the routine down pat, and  FINALLY participated in the Hello Song.  She’s such a goof.  She just will  not do  anything  until she  is  good and  ready!

Em and I  learned about frogs today, and Isabelle had  Kangaroo class.   They were both very “hoppy” to  tell each other  what they learned.  Emily has been funny about that lately.  She’ll say, “I’m going to tell Isabelle ____________”  or “I’m going to find Daddy and tell him _______________.”  It’s just cute.


As much fun as the  classes are for the girls, both of them will tell you (just  ask!) that the   best part of zoo class is what we do after class.  I had really hoped we’d  be able to make a day of it at the zoo, but with  Em not feeling  well, I didn’t want t o  push it.  So, we spent just a bit of time on  the playground, treated ourselves to ice cream (well, a funnel cake for me, and ice cream for  the girls) and then headed home.  The  girls were great!  Em fell asleep on the way home, which was  fine  with me!  She stayed asleep until about twenty minutes before  it  was time to go to the  pediatrician to check on that croupy cough.

Emily’s lungs checked out clear, she had no fever.  The pediatrician feels that my “diagnosis” of croup was the right one, and that the increased daytime cough we are still hearing is probably the result of “twitchy” air-ways, maybe brought on by humidity, air conditioning, or both.  Isn’t THAT a kicker?  She suggested increasing Em’s abuterol, which I had already done.  So, since Em’s acting fine and seems to feel pretty good, it’s life as usual.  Thank goodness.  I’ll keep a close eye on things, of course, but for now,  I’m just glad her lungs were clear.


"Hi mom!  Watch me!"

"Hi mom! Watch me!"


Goin' up...

Goin' up...

Coming down together!
Coming down together!


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