Day Fifty-one – Preserving the Memories

August 4, 2008 at 12:40 am (daily life)

Since this  summer is all but a memory, I decided it was time to start the girls’ memory books.  I’ve  been meaning to print pictures and get going on them, well, all summer, but I realized that  if I  didn’t  start them  now, they were  not going  to happen.

We  bought small scrapbooks on a trip to Hobby Lobby in early July, I think, along with tons of scrapbook stickers and  some fun papers.  I’ve been snapping pics of every fun thing we’ve done.  So, all  I needed was  to  set aside some  time, print some pics and away we went.

Last year Isabelle and  started this tradition.  We simply glued  pictures  into a  little book, embellished  the page  with stickers, drawings, Isabelle’s own handwriting…whatever we needed to  tell the story of the  picture on that page.  She  pulled that book out so many times over the past year that I  knew I  needed to to it again this year.

I made a rule that Isabelle has to  draw or write something  for each   page.  And, like last year, we are typing her story on the computer and  glueing it in to  give the book a  “Professional” look. We’ve done two pages and  they are adorable.  She’s having fun with it, too.

Emily’s book is  a little less  fancy.  For  each picture, I am typing  up a sentence that she “dictates” to me.  We will  add stickers and  stuff, too, but I really want hers to be more like a “word book.”  Just simple and fun.

After a morning of working on their  books, I came downstairs to  find Emily with my camera – opened and ready to  go.  She had her  orange Care Bear and her blanket (Fringy) on the  couch.  When I asked her what she was doing she said, “Mom!  It’s  very important.  I’m trying to take a picture of my friends for my Membery book!”  And sure enough, the  last 7 or 8 pictures on the camera were of a care bear’s butt and head and of a polka-dotted fleece blanket.   How sweet is  that?


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  1. Elise said,

    I love that she took a pic of Care Bear’s butt. That is sooooo something Froggy would do.

    I haven’t made a single album for Froggy yet. So don’t feel bad. When do people have the time? Good luck on getting all your projects done.

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