Day Fifty-three – The List

August 4, 2008 at 11:33 pm (daily life)

A wise, thinking person might have approached a Must-Do list like mine by tackling the biggest, hardest job first, to make sure that it got done within the time constraints.  Me?  Well, I’m applying the attention defecit method here.  A  little of this, a little of that, a little more of that, and we’ll see where we end up.  I got some small tasks accomplished today.  Unfortunately, or fortunately those led to other small tasks that also needed doing  but weren’t  on the list.  Isn’t that always the way it is with cleaning, though?  I have to say, though, getting these things done felt pretty good.  Uncommonly, good, actually.  I was actually giggling to myself as I  opened and closed my bathroom drawer.  There was nothing to make it “stick” anymore!  Hee hee!  What a feeling!  It’s kind of annoying that these things each  took only a small amount of time.  Why did I let them go so long?  Why don’t I just do things when  they need to be done instead of letting it get so bad that I  don’t even want to tackle it?  Well, in anycase, I managed to cross off a few things.

And, it’s not like I could have jumped right into the painting job, anyway.  My bedroom contains several large objects, like a bed.  And a dresser.  I can’t  move them, which makes prepping to paint kind of difficult.  So, the plan is to start tomorrow night, after I make Daddy move stuff around.

Tomorrow , or part of it anyway, will  be spent at the  State Fair to see my parents receive a certificate honoring them for maintaining a 150 year  old farm.  My dad has been farming it by himself for nearly 50  of those years, so it’s a big deal to him.  He’s retired from dairy farming, officially, but still maintains the land, and rents the buildings to other farmers.  It will be fun to celebrate the honor with him, and then enjoy a bit of the fair. 

So, the list may remain stagnant for a day.  But it sure was nice to get a start!


copy (at Office Max) teacher resources for new  units at school and assemble copied pages into page protecters/binders

clean out/organize downstairs hall closet

Clean out/organize spare room closet upstairs and create system for craft supplies

clean out under all bathroom sinks This also led to the cleaning out of drawers, purging of expired medicines, old make-up and 12 empty contact lens cases; and the cleaning out of one linen closet (One more to go, and it’s a dooozy)

Reorganize basement storage shelves

Prep bedroom for painting (clear out room, tape, etc) Started!

paint bedroom



  1. Beverly said,

    Looking at your day count, and realizing that your school year is about ready to start brings back many memories to me. I remember as the summer began winding down how I got itchy to get my room ready and yet hated to have my children go to a sitter again. I always had to tell myself that many would love to have a schedule such as mine…to have summers and holidays off with my children, and once they were both in school, we had basically the same hours.

    Enjoy these few days that you have left. It’s obvious that you have indeed enjoyed your summer. The pictures of your girls are just too cute.

  2. Elise said,

    Anytime you want to come over to my house and tackle a closet or paint a wall… you are soo welcome!!! Ha. Good luck on your “to-do” list. Mine is about 40 pages long.

  3. Debbie said,

    Your summer looks so much like my summer! I tried to keep us busy with fun stuff and still enjoy the downtime of just being together. I too am doing a last minute house blitz. I’m not tackling the big things that didn’t get done (how did you get carpets cleaned with 2 kids underfoot?!?!) but instead have decided to just do a big general deep clean on everything. I like clean bathrooms and everything put away. This will last until my hubby comes home on Friday and destroys it all in under 7 minutes! LOL

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