Day Fifty-two – Mother’s Helper

August 4, 2008 at 2:18 pm (daily life)

Day fifty-two.  *sigh*  Ten days to go.  It  seems impossible, even though it happens every year and I should be well prepared for the inevitable end of summer, by now.

It’s been a great summer, make no mistake.  I have enjoyed (nearly) every minute of being with my girls.  And, I feel pretty good about the way the summer went.  We were active and busy and the girls got to do a lot of really, really good stuff.

But, what about MOm? Remember that list I made back on Day Four?  The list of things that needed to be done this summer?  Well, I am sad to say that it is largely untouched.  I did keep up with my daily cleaning schedule, pretty well, and I got some things like carpet cleaning and pantry origanization done. But, there are a LOT of things that should have happened this summer that didn’t.

Somethings just can’t be accomplished with a two and a half year old around, and are too big to be done during her nap.  Like painting the bedroom, for example.  Or organizing a closet that is full of things she’s going to want to get into, derailing the organizing process.

So, for a few days,  I’ve called in some help.  My neice, who is soon to be a freshman in high school is visiting.  The idea is, she will keep the girls busy while I tackle some big jobs.  We did this last year, too, with mixed results, but the girls were younger then, and so was my niece.  We’ll see what kind of result we get this year.

For anyone who wants to keep score (and for me…so  I actually get something done!) here’s the list of things to be done before Thursday (yikes!)


copy (at Office Max) teacher resources for new  units at school and assemble copied pages into page protecters/binders

clean out/organize downstairs hall closet

Clean out/organize spare room closet upstairs and create system for craft supplies

clean out under all bathroom sinks

Reorganize basement storage shelves

Prep bedroom for painting (clear out room, tape, etc)

paint bedroom


HELP!  Looking at it like that it seems there’s no way it will all get done.  But, oh, wouldn’t it feel good to leave for our mini-vacation on Friday with most it the items crossed off?  Wish me luck!


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