Day Four (part 2) – Satisfaction

June 16, 2008 at 5:56 pm (daily life) (, )

I love it when the simple things are soooooo satisfying.   I didn’t  do everyting on today’s to do list…yet.  But, it is almost 6:00, I’m in the kitchen making dinner, the girls are happily playing Little People with Daddy in the next room, my house is clean, I spend a couple of hours with  my teaching partner starting to plan for next year.  Aaaaannnnnd….in less than two hours I will be at the gym for my first session with a trainer. Well, my only session with a trainer, probably, as it’s orientation and after that I’ll be on my own to work out, but, I DID IT!  I made the appointment.  I’m going to  try to keep up an exercise routine for the first  time in a long time!  First time ever, since becoming  a mom.  Yaaaaayyyy!  THIS has been a  good day.


The girls were great.  We stayed on our routine, even had a little “Summer School” time, working on writing, addition and reading for IZ and colors and numbers for EM.  They loved it.  Oh, if only every day for the rest of the summer could be like this…


I’ll post pics  this week.  I need to get some pis into One True Media and Snapfish for a montage and Thank YOu cards, so it’s a good chance to play around with posting photos here.  And, my next post will be about the  girls, and the hundreds of things that make  me love them.


WOW!  Two posts in one day!


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